Pop: 2,000

Faction: Finmeccanica-EADS

FEADS maintains a small base on the far side of the moon which helps to facilitate shipping and trade between Earth and other colonies. In a rare instance of interfaction cooperation, the rest of the moon has been preserved by treaty as a natural resource not to be disturbed or developed.


Asteroid Belt

Pop: Unknown, 1,000+

Faction: Free-for-All

The massive mineral wealth of the asteroid belt is being ferociously harvested by all factions. Particularly valuable finds are sometimes fought over, but the sheer abundance of resources means that it is usually more economically savvy to find another claim rather than waste money on military intervention. Small habitats have been built in many hollowed-out asteroids, and combined with the furious mining operations, piracy is a major problem. A cyborg group which some label a transhumanist cult is known to maintain a number of habitats here.


Pop: 120,000

Faction: Contested between NABMU and China

NABMU and China each maintain a heavily militarized presence on Mars. Roughly speaking, NABMU controls the northern hemisphere while China controls the southern hemisphere. Minor border skirmishes occasionally break out, but open warfare has thus far been avoided. There is an understanding that any attempt to claim either of Mars's two moons would be seen by the other side as a major escalation. A considerable civilian scientist population on either side is committed to reconciliation, with some even calling for an independent Mars, free from the influence of either faction. Aside from the mineral resources Mars offers, some scientists believe that certain geographic and radiological features of the planet indicate the presence of an alien civilization some hundreds of thousands of years in the past. Weak as this evidence is, it may fuel a paranoia for both factions that abandoning the planet might leave the uncovering of some alien artifact to the other side. 


Jupiter (moons)

Pop: 500

Faction: China

China maintains small research stations on Jupiter's three largest moons - Io, Ganymede, and Callisto. 

Saturn (moons)

Pop: Unknown, 1,000+

Faction: Saterlee-Kurosawa

SKC maintains research facilities on Saturn's two largest moons, Titan and Rhea. They have heavily militarized the volume around Saturn, so the exact nature of their research is shrouded in secrecy, but it is believed to include harvest of base biological material present in Saturn's atmosphere.